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Genuine Italian fayre by Grégory Marro

Daily life

Grégory Marro, a French chef native to the South West, who devised the Italian menu explains, “I’ve worked alongside many Italians who’ve taught me a great deal and provided me with inspiration. Here at Ambrosia, I decided to keep the Gusto Family’s flagship, traditional dishes including the Neapolitan pizza, while adding vegetables, colour and citrus fruit to my cuisine”. 

Although Gregory Marro is a seafood aficionado, “I really love shellfish, octopus and ceviche”, he also urges diners, “to try the confit suckling pig, cooked at a low temperature. It is so tender, you can eat it with a teaspoon”. As for dessert, “the baba au rhum, will whisk you away to Naples”. Genuine Italian fayre in every bite – all at the heart of the French Riviera.